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Undead Unicorn – Makeup Tutorial

Unicorns are believed to be beautiful and pure magical creatures, which is why it is interesting to wonder what would occur if one of them happened to be tainted by the dark touch of a zombie, transforming that once majestic creature into one that hungers for brains, and has all the means to get them, […]

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A Snake And Its Charms – Spooky Makeup Tutorial

What is interesting about this versatile Snake Queen style is that you can actually look rather stately and snakelike with all the details that shivonmakeupbiz adds to the makeup, like the scales on the sides of the face that are gently drawn and have a soft finish to them that helps retain an elegant aura […]

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Freshly Turned Vampire – Spooky Makeup Tutorial

You can follow along in this spooky makeup tutorial to learn how to transform into Lucy Westenra as she looks after she is bitten a second time by Dracula, effectively transforming her into a vampire for good so she can prey on those who once loved her, and feast on the blood of every creature […]

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A Dreadful Ocean-Dweller – Spooky Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a spooky take on a Siren that doesn’t focus on the traditional half-human half-fish creature you’re used to seeing, but on a more realistic, creepier version that creates, with a mix of makeup and body paint, a monster that has human-like traits, but at the same time presents an anatomy suited for life under […]

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An Amalgamation Of Horror – Makeup Tutorial

The version of Frankenstein’s monster that Kendra N shows in this makeup tutorial works with a base of green colors mixed with darker shadows to bring an undead feel to the style. Let’s not forget that the only reason the monster looks like that is because the green aims to mimic rotten flesh, as Frankenstein’s […]

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The Art Of The Creepy – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

As you know, I consider clowns to have the uncanny ability to generate instant unease, and this style superbly helps realize the full creepy potential of the look, which is why I’m unequivocally amazed with this remarkable Halloween makeup tutorial by Pinkstylist. This makeup puts together both expertly-crafted details and subtlety, like in the case […]

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Art Should Always Inspire: Exclusive Interview with Painter Vaughn Belak


Vaughn Belak‘s artistic creations draw you in with a luminous, large-eyed gaze, spatters of shadow and light creating an alluring blend of fae mischief and gothic gloom. His upcoming collection, Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets, will give art fans a close look at not just Belak’s art, but also the mind of the artist. Ed […]

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California Deathrock Art Book

Blue Blood has published California Deathrock, a gorgeous hardcover book of portraiture by Amelia G and Forrest Black. Both have served on our Panel of Experts (which we really should post more of) and both are famous for their individualistic portraits of counterculture people. Where a lot of photographers just see black lipstick, Forrest […]

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Immortalized 107, First Love

immortalized 107 first love

Immortalizer Dave Houser is against the challenger Erich Carter. Carter has been a taxidermist for over forty years and he’s won rewards as well as made pieces for celebrities. Houser and his pink Mohawk are put to the test as we get the theme, “First Love”. Houser proclaims himself to be edgy and controversial. Carter […]

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Shain Erin’s Morbid Dolls

shain erin creepy dolls

Shain Erin is a Neo-Mythic artifact artist whose interests lie in sculpture, painting and digital media. Boasting a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Erin explores his passion for world art and mythology. Over the years he has been examining a personal mythology that would allow him to use his own ideas and creations, […]

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