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A Reanimated Bride – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Nelliel Lynn has got a great option for you if you want to try a more classical and glamorous look for Halloween, because she has prepared a magnificent Bride of Frankenstein makeup style where she goes for black eyeliner and wings the eyeshadow to bring out the eyes, and she applies a silvery finish with highlights in the middle of the eye to contrast with the dark tones around the lid, and she also adds some spooky features that maintain the beauty of the look, while at the same time they preserve the illusion that this bride is someone constructed from various body parts to create the perfect mate for Frankenstein’s monster.

For the rest of the effect, she keeps the heaviest stitching on the neck area to give the impression that this Halloween character was actually built combining different body parts, but on the face she keeps the stitching subtle, which works well by not overpowering the style or making it seem like a jigsaw puzzle, and goes for a more realistic approach to how the character could look like in our time.

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