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BLT Black Leather Times Zine Book and Tshirts

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Old skool goths probably remember the little BLT humor zines from conventions. Each issue had hilarious, witty, and sarcastic writing and really cool artwork. Content ranged from goth-industrial club reviews to quizzes on how to tell if you are dating a vampire (spoiler: you are not dating a vampire.) My favorite parts were probably the bad advice columns and the band interview outtakes with funny things that happened while interviewing bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Die Warzau, Frontline Assembly, GBH, Dread Zeppelin, and more. BLT is currently running a Kickstarter drive to publish a 400 page volume of all the Black Leather Times issues. The BLT project is a Kickstarter Staff Pick and they only pick the top quality projects they like. Plus they are working on some nice black T-shirts. I think I need the shirt with the girl from the Suicide issue of the BLT humor zine.

kickstarter staff pick
BLT Suicide

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