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Fantastic Spooky Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial

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A detail that I enjoyed about this Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial by Really Mili, aside from the spooky concept that’s perfect for Halloween, is how quickly she gets started with it. There’s no lengthy intro, no filler, just a direct explanation on how she is creating the look, something that’s very refreshing because it allows you to see the whole process without wasting any time in getting to the artistic areas and how the whole style is put together.

I also deeply appreciate how Really Mili managed to create a realistic look with the highlights on the yellow base makeup with the blended white color on the cheeks and forehead, along with the brown details that she contrasted with the black makeup to create a great skeletal effect that truly makes the overall style shine while it invites you to try it out immediately after you watch it come to life.

Happy Halloween! This was not supposed to be an animal skull, but sometimes when you want to be creative – Something else appears instead, hehe. Hope you like it – Remember to share, like & SUBSCRIBE!

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