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Haunted Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

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The first episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Rebecca sharing a story about a creepy event that happened to her and her friends when they decided to move to a house while they were in college. The place was an old house in Cleveland, and it dated back to the early 1900, and it seemed to have gone uninhabited for a long time.

When Becca and her friend Z arrived, they decided to give their rooms a makeover, so they started painting the walls, but when Becca painted the room, she noticed a huge water spot on the ceiling that seemed to absorb the paint, making it impossible to cover.

One day, while she was alone in the house, Becca heard a voice calling her over, asking her if she was in the house. Becca assumes that her friend Z is home and she’s the one calling her over, but the voice sounds altered and strange.

As Becca looks for Z, following the voice, the real Z arrives home, and Becca is scared to see her just coming in, telling her friend that she could hear a voice talking to her, whispering to her, and it sounded just like her. Z tells her that she was probably tired or affected by the chemicals in the paint, and that she was imagining things.

Later, we learn that Becca constantly hears the voices talking to her, and that they are always the voices of the people who lived there with her. She hears the voices so much, that she even follows them, ultimately speculating that they must come from the basement.

Becca never talked about this to anyone, because she was relatively new to her group of friends, and she didn’t want to embarrass herself or come off as weird, so she kept the fact that she heard something in the house a secret. One night, however, her boyfriend Jared stays with her, and he hears Z’s voice calling him over, and he follows it. When he is able to come back, he confirms to Becca that, indeed, there’s something that calls people over and lures them with a friendly voice.

In comes Brandon, another one of Becca’s friends, who asks to live with them, and, having no rooms left, they offer him the basement, which he takes. Becca still harbors a strange feeling towards the basement, but says nothing, and Brandon moves in.

During his first night there, Brandon is visited by Becca, who tries to seduce him and ultimately kisses him, but as they are making out, she transforms into a weird-looking creature, as if her skin was an old painting turning to dust. This event terrifies Brandon, and he decides to move out, and he never returns to the house.

When Brandon tells the group about this, once again they get confirmation that there’s something in the house, and that it can make itself look and act like them. This is when they decide to call the creature “The Mimic” because of its apparent abilities to copy the people it observes in the house.

Stranger things continue to happen, as on another night, Becca sees a strange face coming out of the water spot and growling at her. After this event, Jared, Z, and Becca decide to go to the attic to check the water spot’s origin, and when Jared shines a blacklight on the room, they discover what appears to be dried blood, as if someone had died there and bled out.

This leads them to talk to the landlord, and she reveals to them that there was a man who used to live in that house a long time ago, and that this man had shot himself in the attic, but many days passed before anyone found his body, and the water spot they see in her room is actually the man’s blood that made its way through the attic floor and onto her ceiling.

Upon hearing this, Becca realizes that the man must’ve been dealing with the same creature that haunted them, but that him, being alone and not knowing whether what he heard was real or not, he went crazy and committed suicide out of desperation.

The next night after they learn the true story behind the Mimic, Becca has the strangest encounter when she gets out of the bathroom: she sees a monster crawling out of the grate that leads to the basement. The monster has claws and at times a human face, which then changes to reveal a more monstrous, fang-filled appearance. When it comes after her, Becca hides in the bathroom and stays there until Jared comes to comfort her, and because of this last horrifying encounter, they decide to move for good.

It takes Becca a while to make sure the Mimic hadn’t followed them out of the house, and she ultimately manages to get a normal life. The thing is, she knows that whatever was haunting them on that house is still there, as more people have come and gone from the house, and she wonders if the Mimic has also been haunting them.

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