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Haunted Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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The sixth and final episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Oscar Mendoza, who tells us that he was born cursed. He explains how his family was from a little town in Mexico, and that his family believed in witchcraft and that his mother performed a ritual on herself while she was pregnant with him, and that he was born with a medical condition that presents an extra sack of skin around the newborn, which his grandmother believed to be a gift from God, but Oscar believed that it could also be a curse.

When he was little, Oscar left his house one time his mother wasn’t home and wandered off until he reached a deserted part of town where he saw a man crawling out of a hole. The man was very scary looking, with blood around him and a rope tied around his neck, and when Oscar saw him, the man stated that he knew the kid could see him, and he started to slowly come at him. Soon after that, his mother arrived and took him away from that place, and when Oscar told her that he saw a man there, she told him that he must’ve imagined it.

One night while he was playing in his room, he noticed that his door opened on its own and he got up to go close it. When he turned around, he saw the same man from before, sitting in a chair in his room, and he told him that he knew he could see him, and started grinning with a big, stretched-out grin as he laughed.

Oscar explains how the man came back every night, and he would sit in a rocking chair staring at him. The appearances became so common that he started to refer to him as “The Hangman” because of the rope around his neck. The man would just sit there and look at him, and since the moment he arrived, Oscar couldn’t sleep knowing he was being observed by something evil.

That summer, he went to Mexico with his parents, and he welcomed the vacation to escape his curse, but when they got to Mexico to celebrate a yearly event, there was an accident, and some clowns were run over during a parade. As he stood there watching the dead bodies, one shifted and turned to look at him, displaying the same creepy smile from the Hangman, except that, that time, everyone else with him saw the clown with the big scary smile.

Back at his grandfather’s house, where they had been staying during that vacation, Oscar, his brother and his cousin were walking downstairs one day when they saw the clown from the parade with the same smile, only this time, instead of just staying put, he jumped up and went after them. Their grandfather came to their aid with a rifle at the ready to protect them, but he couldn’t do anything, since the clown was now outside, and he killed the dog that protected them.

As the years went by, the Hangman kept on showing up every night until they moved to another house when Oscar was older. Here, there was a moment where he was checking a door to see if it was locked, and even though it was, it opened on its own seconds later. Oscar entered the room to investigate and smelled death.

Inside the room the Hangman was waiting for him, and he started pushing him, which was terrifying for him because it meant that the hangman could hurt him, which he did after that, every time he went to sleep, and the attacks were so common that he would wake up with cuts and bruises.

One night he saw the Hangman in his brother’s room, and he once again grinned at him, but this time he said that he would take his brother, which showed Oscar that the Hangman wanted to hurt his family, and since he was the one that brought him into their lives, he tried to commit suicide to protect them. However, Oscar didn’t die, but instead woke up in a sort of slaughterhouse where he could hear screams and people crying, he thought he was in hell.

There, he saw the Hangman sharpening a knife and coming after him with it, telling him that he had always known who he was. Then, just as the Hangman attacked, Oscar woke up, and learned that his brother had found him, and his mother had prayed for him until he got better and was able to wake up.

After that day, the Hangman was gone, and Oscar’s life improved. He got married and had kids. The problem was, his kids had also started seeing someone in the night, this time, a woman wearing a mourning gown who also grinned creepily and laughed.

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