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Haunted Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

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The second episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Daune Matthews, a nurse who tells us a story about how she came face to face with evil while working at a place called The Cottages of Gentle Breeze, a home for senior citizens with dementia, and how the nightmare she experienced there had all to do with a new patient, Jackie, who was suddenly taken there by her daughter, telling them her mother needed help.

Jackie was always acting strangely and she was aggressive and angry, but that her symptoms had nothing to do with dementia, but that they did what they could to help her, even when the strangest things started to happen: Daune noticed an incredible cold when she entered Jackie’s room, as if she was walking inside an icebox, and while she was there, she noticed that everything else looked frozen as well.

On another occasion, Jackie started speaking in a strange language when they went to check on her, and her condition worsened when this happened. While the nurses were trying to get her off the bed, a frame with the image of Christ fell off the wall, and Jackie seemed pleased that this happened.

Later, Daune tried to put the frame back up, but it would always fall, even when the skeptical owner tried it, and there was no reason for that frame to continue falling. This was all the confirmation they needed that there was something evil in that room.

Daune then returned to Jackie’s room to clean up the broken glass from the frame, and Jackie asked her to be quiet, telling her that she’d wake her “friend” if she made noise. Daune asked her if her friend was God, and Jackie confirmed that her “friend” was not a friend of God’s, which just increased the terror in the nurse’s heart.

When this happened, Jackie stopped eating, drinking any sort of fluids and taking any medication, but she also ceased having any bodily functions, which was something impossible. Whenever they tried to feed her, she would just spit the food out. Besides this, she would also get more aggressive, even biting one of the new nurses on the arm at one point when they were giving her a bath, causing less and less people to want to come into contact with her.

One night, another one of the nurses went to see her and started praying for her. Jackie didn’t react well to this, and immediately stared behind the woman, as if something was there, and the nurse felt an invisible force, like a snake slithering on her back, hurting her, and she ran away trying to shake off the thing that was attacking her, but nothing could be seen, yet, a series of cuts just seemed to appear on her back.

Afterwards, and another incident where Daune got attacked by Jackie for wearing a rosary around her neck, they finally decided to get the help of people from the church to perform an exorcism on Jackie. When the priest and a couple of nuns arrived, they asked everyone out of the room while they tried to exorcise the demon that possessed Jackie, but they were ultimately unsuccessful.

When the exorcists left, the nurses waited almost an hour before going back into the room. When they did, they saw that Jackie was still there, on her bed and stiff as a board, and then she started floating. Later she sat up and turned her head like a ragdoll, ordered them to leave the room, and after yelling them a second time to get out of the room, she died.

After Jackie was gone, they continued to rent out the room, but no matter who stayed there, something odd happened to them that drove them into what Daune believed to be an early grave because of the demon still hanging on to that room. One of the residents that came after Jackie, a woman named Maria, died of a heart attack less than two weeks after arriving, despite not ever having heart problems before that.

Another patient, Beverly, had noticed that there was something wrong with the room, but Daune and the rest of the staff tried to ignore this, until one day, all of Beverly’s vital organs happened to fail, and before she died, she told Daune that she had warned her that there was something that wasn’t right in that room.

After being unable to get rid of the evil, they boarded up the room, and after a while, the nursing home closed its doors, and as it waited to be reopened, the evil inside that room also waited for a new chance to haunt whoever it came across.

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