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The Silence – Quiet Horror With A Bang

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Starring Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci, The Silence is a horror movie that centers on a family who bands together to escape a swarm of killer creatures known as the Vesps, who have been accidentally released from an ancient cave and are feasting on the flesh of whoever they come across.

One of the most compelling elements of the movie is the fact that the Vesps are blind and completely guided by noise, which forces every character to be completely silent, something the family is accustomed to since the main character is deaf and they know how to communicate with sign language.

This use of silence is superb, because noise then becomes the element that creates the horror, since the characters have to convey their thoughts and emotions with their body language, allowing the suspense to build up to such an extent that, when a character accidentally breaks the golden silence, you feel a jolt of fear for the ever-present threat that’s coming for them, and makes you wonder how they’ll deal with the mistake, or even use it to their advantage.

Another interesting feature in The Silence is how the movie balances the supernatural elements with the more realistic ones, as the characters not only deal with the Vesp threat, but also with immediate and unexpected threats like injuries, fear, and of course, the other people they encounter, who are also desperate to survive. The message here is interesting: Safety from the Vesps doesn’t necessarily mean safety from everything or everyone else.

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