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Marianne Episode V Recap

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We start this episode of Marianne with a view of the hole in the woods, and as the camera closes in on it, we can hear Marianne’s voice telling us to approach that place and pay attention, so we can learn what happened.

The next scene shows Emma looking at drawings in a dimly lit room, and there’s a knock on the door. When she answers, she exits the room she was in and enters the new one: a place bathed with a red light that has a blackboard with he words “You are punished” written all over it.

As Emma looks around the room, she sees a girl hiding behind a door and slowly approaches her. Once she is close, the door moves out of the way and Emma asks her if she is Marianne. The girl replies that she is not her, and that her name is Emma, and while we are surprised by the revelation that Emma is staring at her younger self, the older Emma chokes her young version, and then the dream ends abruptly, showing us a younger Emma waking up in her bed.

We are now in the past, and Emma gets up after having wet the bed and has a friendly conversation with her mom before leaving for school. On the way, she meets her friends and they reveal that they had been drinking in secret, and that they will be alright as long as the priest doesn’t find out. Almost on cue, a young Séby is seen with the priest, who unleashes his dog on them, making them run away and jump into the water to escape it.

The group of friends gather on the wrecked boat by the ocean, and talk about Emma’s nightmare, which she says varies in some ways, but the only constant is that she is always chased by a witch or a similar entity, and tells a young Caroline that the name of the witch is Marianne, and that she can possess people especially the people she loves with the objective of hurting her. Caroline tells her that if they know the witch’s name, they can summon her. She then proceeds to show them her hand-made spirit board, which she plans to use to order the witch to leave Emma alone so she can rest. Later, Emma interacts with Aurore and her sister Lucie, and after a brief conversation, Aurore agrees to participate in the séance.

We cut to the lighthouse as it turns on when night begins to fall, and the group of friends run to the school near where Camille and Séby rescued Hugo and the other children in a previous episode. They enter their old school and we see that one of the classrooms they go to is exactly the same as the one from Emma’s nightmare, and they decide to hold the séance there after the rules and safety precautions for the success of their experiment are explained to the group by Caroline.

During the séance, Caroline addresses Marianne directly, and asks her to manifest before them. Surprisingly, when she asks her to speak, she communicates with the group, startling Emma, who opens her eyes, which was one of the things she was told not to do, no matter what. When she breaks this rule, Marianne laughs and the ritual continues with Emma keeping her eyes open and seeing shapes and moving objects while Caroline continues to call Marianne forth.

A terrified Emma urges the group to look at a shadowy spot in the classroom, and she breaks everyone’s concentration as she notices a hand creeping up on the door, slowly moving it out of her way. Séby stands up, breaking the circle, which was another rule broken. Emma keeps seeing a black-clad figure moving at the door, and when she turns to face Aurore, she sees a startling apparition behind her. The creature screams and Emma starts shaking violently on the floor, indicating a demonic possession.

Marianne, angry, speaks to Caroline, scolding her for trying to control her with her limited experience, and she proceeds to give them all insights about their fate. She tells Caroline that she’ll hang, that one of them would lose his brother, that Séby would lose his baby, and finally, she tells Aurore that she never leaves empty-handed, and spits on her before leaving Emma’s body.

Aurore then confronts Emma, telling her that she was there to help her, and she wasn’t taking it seriously, implying that Emma was faking the possession just to mess with them. Caroline tries to defend Emma, but Aurore still clings to her idea of realism, claiming that spirits and the like are not real, and Emma was merely pranking them.

After the sour interaction, we see Emma waiting outside the school on a different day, and when everyone leaves the building, Emma goes in and finds Lucie drawing. She talks to her and asks her if Aurore is still mad at her. After saying that her sister said some pretty mean things about Emma, Lucie finishes her drawing and takes something away from her and runs away looking for a place to hide, as if they were playing a game.

Emma looks for Lucie, who accidentally gets stuck in a freezer, and when she is about to find her in it, a door opens, and she sees a girl that looks exactly like Lucie going back into the classroom, so she goes after her, leaving the real Lucie stuck inside the freezer. In the classroom, Lucie crawls on the floor moving the desks around, and as Emma follows her, and when she finds one of Lucie’s toys, she crouches to look at it closely, which allows her to see where the fake Lucie has gone to.

We cut to the real Lucie, who is now trying to get out of the freezer, but since she accidentally locked herself in, she cannot get out, no matter how hard she tries, and Emma is still looking for her on the other room, but there’s nobody there with her, and as she searches the classroom, we can hear Marianne talking. Emma notices that the blackboard is turning on its own, and when she sees it, she notices that it has a drawing of Lucie stuck in the freezer and runs to save her, but as the camera cuts to the trapped Lucie, she begins to cry, and sees a flash of a horrible apparition in the freezer with her. When Emma finally gets to the box and unlocks it, she finds that she was too late, and that Lucie has frozen to death.

Distraught, Emma leaves the school and we cut to Aurora’s home, where her mother gets a phone call telling her the terrible news. She cries off screen, and we see Aurora demanding to know what happened.

Emma runs to the ocean and throws the stuffed monkey into the water and lets out a painful scream to try and control her sorrow, ending the scene and clearly solving the mystery about what happened with Emma in Elden that caused the town, and for a while, her own parents, to be so upset with her.

Later that day, Emma is in bed, trying to deal with what she witnessed, and her parents are discussing the events surrounding Lucie’s death in another room. Emma tries to drown out their voices and sleep, but the thumping of water doesn’t let her, so she turns around and sees the monkey she threw into the ocean resting on her nightstand. The monkey tells her that she let Lucie die, and then Lucie herself appears before Emma to torment her, and Emma notices a figure sitting on her bed, covering itself with a sheet, and stares at it as it slowly gets up and walks towards her, eventually letting the sheet slide off, and revealing that she is the witch coming after her.

The camera cuts back to the hole in the woods, only this time, we are inside it and falling deeper into it, while Marianne’s voice can be heard threatening to hurt Emma’s loved ones. After this scene, we se Emma at church, and she enters the confessionary, where the priest recognizes her, and acts more judgmental than forgiving, revealing to us that Emma and her friends would sneak into the church to drink and party. Emma confesses that she was there when Lucie died, and that she should’ve done something to help.

When Emma is done confessing her sins, the priest talks to her earnestly about the thing that she summoned with her friends, telling her that she has a big problem now that the creature has targeted her and has somehow attached itself to her, so he urges to leave Elden to keep everyone safe, and he even offers a way for her to leave town without anyone resisting her departure: to somehow offend everyone, including her parents, so they don’t mind seeing her leave Elden forever. This act solves the mystery of why Emma was so hated in the town, since she systematically acted in ways that would bother the people there, and it also explains the reason behind her writing that hurtful article where she complained about mothers in general. It was all done to justify and prompt her exile from that place.

Finally, after all her efforts to be disliked, Emma and her mother have a last exchange before she leaves town, where they say their farewells, but Emma is cold and distant through this whole moment, knowing full well that she needs to do that in order to protect them, even if she doesn’t really want to leave.

When she gets on the bus, Séby gets on as well and lets her know that he loves and cares for her, a revelation he hopes will bring her solace, since now she knows there’s someone in Elden who knows who she truly is. Before the bus leaves, Emma kisses him, and then goes to live her new adventure, where she decides to become a writer.

From here, we come back to present-day Emma, who’s telling the story of everything that happened during that period of her life to Ronan as they try to come up with a way to defeat Marianne and every creature that may be supporting her. While they try to come up with a plan, Séby arrives and tells Emma that Marianne took her son. The news give Ronan an extra dose of motivation to defeat Marianne, and the screen fades to black after he takes a drag on his cigarette.

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