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Marianne Episode VII Recap

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This episode of Marianne starts with a flashback to is February 17th, 1617, a Tuesday, the day when Marianne’s body was buried.

We see a friar in the grave with her, and he takes a page that rested on the body and begins to burn it, but as he is doing so, he hears Marianne’s voice, and he watches Marianne’s body moving and even sitting up. Then, a monster appears at his feet, prompting him to escape the open grave in horror. When he comes back to the surface, his superiors ask the friar if the page has been burned, telling him that only with the page completely burned to ashes will Marianne’s soul be free from evil. The terrified friar lies and tells them that the page was fully burned, and the flashback ends, showing us a bit of the page, still in flames, and Marianne blowing them out to preserve the little piece.

Back at the school in the present, we see a reminder of Ronan’s fate, and Emma and the group watching as Ronan rises from the ground as if he were a marionette pulled by strings, and when he starts to levitate, we see that Marianne is leaving his body, which makes the team leave the classroom, afraid one of them will be possessed next.

As the team escapes the classroom to avoid Marianne, they encounter a new threat: the dog, who now has the same monstrous eyes we see on everyone under her influence, and they all scatter, finding different places to hide.

Emma chooses a car as her hiding spot, and the dog goes straight after her. Luckily, she finds a gun in the glove compartment and takes it to defend herself. In the end, she gets out of the car and when the dog comes at her again, she shoots at him.

A rewind happens and we see where Aurore and Séby hid, while Emma was running to hide in the car. They choose the school and hide in one of the classrooms, where they find the monkey toy that Lucie used to play with. The toy starts to spew the pre-recorded phrases it always had, but then starts changing them for direct messages directed at Séby about her child and how Marianne is eating it. Aurore tells Séby to ignore the creepy voice and gives him one of her headphones so they listen to music instead while they hide under a table, and when they both calm down, Aurore sees her sister Lucie running around the room, only she is aware that Marianne is playing a trick on her and that’s not really her sister.

Lucie tells her that Emma let her die, and that they shouldn’t listen to her, revealing that she was there when Lucie died and did nothing to save her. Aurore doesn’t believe her, and Lucie promises Séby that if they convince Emma to write again, she’ll give his son back, and then she scares them and forces them to leave their hiding spot.

At this moment, Emma arrives and points a gun at both of them, checking if they are Marianne by asking her names, and they do the same to her, but when they ask her about her shooting the dog, since they just heard the gunshots, Emma tells them that she didn’t kill him.

We then focus on Arnaud who goes over to the water to escape from the dog, and he sees his brother Tonio there, and he tells him that he has been trapped by Marianne, but that he can be free if he convinces Emma to write by Tuesday, letting him know that, if he doesn’t, Marianne will take Aurore next. Armed with this piece of information, Arnaud goes back to the school and Emma also tests him to see if he isn’t possessed by Marianne.

While they are there, Ronan’s thermal lights start to turn on one by one, and they see Ronan writing a message that tells her that Marianne will choose another one, and then Marianne comes after Aurore, who’s the only one who can see her at the moment. As they all try to make sense of all that’s happening, Aurore is thrown towards a wall by an invisible force, and Emma takes the necklace that Ronan carried with him and places it around Aurore’s neck, and she hugs her.

At this point, fear starts to get the better of everyone, and both Séby and Arnaud tell her to write, claiming that they have already tried all they could, and they are still losing the fight. Emma reminds them that if she writes, more horrible things could happen, but they don’t seem to care about anything but getting their loved ones now. It is here where Aurore asks Emma if she was there the day her sister died, and Emma confesses what happened, that she was there when her sister died, but that she couldn’t do anything to save her.

Aurore and Emma cry while Emma begs her for forgiveness, but the whole group seems to be against Emma now, telling her that what she did was unforgivable, and as Emma retrieves another amulet from Ronan’s body, Arnaud points the gun at her, trying to persuade her to write.

Emma stands her ground, even while threatened, and tells him that she won’t write again, that she has to keep fighting Marianne because she is the only one who can stop her. She tells him that she’ll find a way to hurt her, but that she won’t give in to her demands.

Upon hearing this, Arnaud tells Emma that if she won’t write, then their next move is telling Marianne to take him, because he can’t bear the thought of her hurting Aurore, who is the only person he knows who loves him despite his shortcomings, and as he requests Marianne to take him, she obliges and pulls him towards the roof, leaving a screaming Emma to mourn her friend while the others stare in shock at the scene.

Arnaud appears on top of the lighthouse, and Marianne is there with him, slowly approaching him, and she holds his head while she looks at him, only Arnaud rips the shroud covering her face, and sees the face of his brother. Marianne tells him that his brother has drowned, and that she is the only thing that remains there. She then holds Arnaud’s head and he begins to scream when Marianne shows her face to him, and we see a shot of the lighthouse from afar.

Later, Emma is back at her home and she prepares her laptop, having decided to write despite the fact she believes to be dangerous, just to stop Marianne from hurting her friends. She writes a new story, and we hear the narration of Lizzie’s return to Emma’s readers while we’re also shown that Emma didn’t actually kill the dog, and that, since Emma did write like Marianne asked her to, she kept her promise to return Séby’s son safe and sound, granting Emma and her team a moment of peace.

After getting his son back, Séby goes to thank Emma and tells her that she did the right thing writing. He then apologizes for telling her that what she did when Aurore’s sister died was unforgivable, and she comforts her by telling her she is not the destructive force she thinks herself to be. They continue talking, and Séby agrees to sleep with Emma, since they never got a chance to when they were young.

Emma wakes up alone in her bed to the sound of the doorbell. She rushes to the door and finds the priest there, who raises a crucifix at her and starts to perform an exorcism. He hits her across the face, and Emma drops to the floor. The priest continues the exorcism, we see Emma bleeding from the hit, and the screen fades to black.

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