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Marianne Episode VI Recap

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This episode of Marianne starts by dispensing information about things that happened in the past at the time Emma released each one of her books.

Ronan is leading this moment, and he explains how events that were similar to the ones from the books were happening in countries where the Lizzie Larck novels had been released, revealing that Emma’s writing has been affecting reality through Marianne for a long time.

After they learn this vital piece of information, Séby tells Emma that, if she can influence what happens with her stories like she did with Renaissance, then she could write the death of Marianne and the safe return of his son. Emma agrees to try this approach to end everything, but Ronan is against the idea, since it seems too easy to be effective, and it involves a method they are not quite sure can work safely.

Nevertheless, Emma takes her laptop and starts writing a new story, even getting input from Séby as to how to kill Marianne, but as she is in the middle of writing the story, all the lights go out and Ronan and Séby stay very still, as if they were frozen. When Emma pays closer attention to them, she sees that they have a twisted look on their faces and glowing eyes, and she realizes she is dreaming, but before she wakes up, a crow pecks at her eyes, startling her back into reality. When she wakes up, she tells Ronan that they’ll try his plan, as it seems the most sensible option on their current predicament.

Ronan and Emma drive to a place overlooking the lighthouse and they go over their plan, which involves going back to the school near that very lighthouse, and as they are preparing to depart as soon as the sun goes down, Emma’s friends arrive, telling her and Ronan that they want to participate in the fight alongside them. Ronan warns them of the danger ahead, but they all have something to fight for and get back at Marianne, so they accept the dangers openly, and they all drive to the school as night falls, the tide rises and they are cut off from the rest of Elden.

At the school, they go to the same classroom where the first séance took place and begin to prepare to summon Marianne. Here, Ronan explains that he will summon the witch, and that he’ll use the creature’s true name to lure her in quickly, leading her to think she has more power and can hurt and possess them easily. Then, instead of killing her or trying to banish her, he intends to trap her in a body that she can’t escape from, and the chosen subject is the priest’s dog, who, if everything goes well, will be carrying the witch’s spirit while they care for him, making sure she can’t hurt anyone else.

Inspector Ronan begins the séance, and he orders Marianne to come to them. He speaks an elaborate incantation that at first seems to be working, as Emma starts to notice strange things happening around them, like when she opened her eyes during the first séance fifteen years ago, but after Ronan commands her to appear before him and speak, nothing happens. Disappointed, the group decides to get some sleep and think of another plan later.

We get a flashback of the day before yesterday, and we see the scene where Emma was at the hospital with Aurore, taking care of Camille and Emma’s dad, and we hear a voice whispering to him, waking him up. When he opens his eyes, he looks over at Camille’s bed, and notices she’s awake and staring at him.

Later, we go to yesterday, where Séby’s son was taken, and Emma’s father sees how Camille gets up off her bed and hears a child cry. This scene reveals to us that Marianne has indeed possessed Camille’s body, and is using it to continue her evil work. After she takes Séby’s son, Camille goes back to bed, and Emma’s dad witnesses in terror how she pretends she is still in a coma, even re-intubating herself so the hospital staff doesn’t suspect anything.

Then we go back to the night of Ronan’s séance and see it’s true effects when a nurse is tending to Emma’s dad, and he looks over at Camille’s bed to find that she is not there, but behind the nurse, about to attack her. However, before she can make her move, the séance’s words take effect, and Marianne’s spirit leaves Camille’s body in the same cloud of smoke we saw when she left the old lady.

At the school, Arnaud and Aurore are talking while resting in a car and they talk about all his past love interests. Aurora tells him that she resents that he never chose her out of all the others, and Arnaud acts surprised when she tells him she likes him and leads her to understand that he is only interested in being her friend, but doesn’t give her a reason for this. This upsets Aurore, and she gets out of the car to give the dog some water, but when she gets to where he is supposed to be, she sees that the chains are loose, and the dog is gone.

We then see Ronan looking after Séby as he sleeps, and the thermal lights he had place to see if Marianne had arrived during the séance react to something. Scared, he slowly scans the room, but can’t find anything suspicious, until Marianne’s voice tells him that he doesn’t have to look for her outside, because she is in her hand. Ronan takes the mirror he had been holding and scans the room once again, finally discovering Marianne behind him, although, at first, she is only visible through the mirror.

Ronan sees Marianne appear before him and is startled, and Emma and the others arrive to give him the news about the dog being gone. Ronan tells them that one of them had let him go and they start to wonder who it was, and as soon as they start blaming Aurore for freeing the dog, Ronan takes out a gun and tells the group that Marianne possessed him from the start of the séance, and had been watching them all ever since. He tells them that he let the dog loose, and that, just like she is doing with him, Marianne will possess them one by one, killing them in the process. At this point, Ronan puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Emma is shown screaming at the hole in the woods immediately after, and the screen fades to black.

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